Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fashion on the streets of San Francisco...

Hello Everybody,
I think San Francisco has people with a wierd sense of dressing. Well, thats my opinion. I recently saw a guy dressed in leggings, a shirt dress that just covers his hip, suede boots, and that was out of the ordinary. Well, another example was a girl wearing an ed hardy t-shirt paired with a deep necked t-shirt and wierd high-waisted shorts with a not-so-good jacket and slip-ons. That was real crazy. i wonder whats going on but its really interesting to see people dress that way. I am always on the look-out for such people while i am walking to and from the academy. its really fascinating and no doubt, attention-grabbing. In a way, its a lot of fun to see people dressed in whats called 'a-little-different'!! But, on the other hand, i think it has people dressed trendy and stylish. I have also marked a point that most people are really brand-conscious here. Its really exciting to live ina place where you can find different people dressed differently, yet all trying to catch up with the latest trends. By all, i mean almost everybody you come across. I have posted a couple of pictures to support my comments.

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